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Our lead craftsman and contractor, Nick Lewis, is one of those overly talented – he can do anything type of people.  This is what makes him such an amazing building contractor.  He is attentive to detail and values quality work!   

Quality Work

We believe quality work should be expected!  We take care to remodel houses in a way that meets our high standards.  We do not cut corners or cover up problems. But rather we fix address the problems head on so you won't have to! You can rest assured that if you purchase a house from us, all of the work will meet or exceeds building codes.  We also like to use Green building practices when possible.  

Who We Are

We are a small family owned business with a big mission.  We value relationships over money, people over possessions, and quality work that you can trust. 


Nick Lewis is a “Craftsman”, a “Maker”, and a “Fixer”. He learned to think creatively and critically from a very young age, helping him to develop useful skills that would impact him forever.  He has a work ethic and attentiveness to detail that is hard to find!   

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